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Change your everyday work with agility. 

The aim of this training is to teach Agile way of working, how to be Agile in personal, team, and organizational level, global and Turkish best practices, Scrum roles, meetings, and artifacts, how to apply Scrum practically on a real-life sprint simulation.




Online live class

In-class exercises


1.5 days

Free Resources

For whom?

For students, alumni and professionals, from any business unit and tenure, that need/want to apply Agile mindset and Scrum in daily way of working and/or projects. Most of the participant position of this course are as follows:

  • Product management teams

  • Head-quarter specialist/senior specialist/manager

  • Sales and marketing specialist/senior specialist/manager

  • Strategy specialist/senior specialist/manager

  • Finance specialist/senior specialist/manager

  • Management Trainee

  • CX, UX or service design specialist/senior specialist/manager

  • Project management specialist/senior specialist/manager

  • Management reporting departments

What are the requirements?

Agility and Scrum Course is designed for professionals who have access and basic knowledge on the use of computer. Before joining the course make sure you have a stable internet connection on a PC or Mac.

What you'll get with this course?

Adapting to the new ways of doing business in the accelerating world is an indispensable necessity of business life, and companies are now transforming their ways of working into agile models. In an environment where large corporate companies carry out many projects simultaneously and thousands of employees work together in synchronization, companies need to implement a work culture with an agile perspective. Here, with the agility and scrum training prepared by Proludus, employees both learn agile ways of doing business and master the details of Scrum, an application methodology of agility. So, you'll learn:

  • learn basics of agility and scrum

  • how to implement agile mindset in your team and organization

  • how to transfer agility to your daily personal workflow

at the end of this course. In addition, you'll be given free resources, templates and documents to be used in your daily workflow of presentation design.

Course Content

  • Collecting participants’ questions on Agility and Scrum

  • Warm-up exercise: Context switching cost

  • What is Agility?

  • Why has it become so popular?

  • Difference between Agile and Traditional mindset

  • When to use Agile mindset

  • 4 Agile values

  • Agile organizations

  • Agile transformation steps

  • What is Scrum?

  • Scrum roles

  • Scrum meetings

  • Scrum artifacts

  • Scrum best practices from Turkey

  • Reflections: Q&A on Agility & Scrum

  • Sprint simulation: Planning, task detailing, acceptance and done criteria

  • Sprint simulation: Daily stand-up

  • Sprint simulation: Retrospective

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