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Business Communicator Bootcamp

An eight-week, bootcamp style learning path designed to help you communicate your message at its best at work.

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Why do you need this bootcamp? 

It is hard
to convince.

Work life is all about convincing others and it is not an easy task. Selling a product, defending a project or showing financial results are all challenges that require convincing people. Do you think that you have been prepared well for these battles either at school or at work?

You need
visual support.

Convincing someone requires a good analysis, back-up materials, and content. They are necessary but not sufficient. You also need to prepare a visual presentation to support your arguments.

Story is
your weapon.

Your presentation must have a seamless flow with a great story behind. Otherwise, it is just a bunch of slides, here and there - like a toddler trying to communicate.


Time is
too scarce.

You multitask every workday. There are many things to do. It is always hard to spare enough time to prepare the presentation you need.

education system?

There were no courses at universities dedicated to business communication skillset, specifically presentation design, data visualization or storytelling.

Blame your company
or supervisor?

Probably you have attended a presentation skills training. Recall that training. Do presentation delivery skills taught in that course help you solve the problem we talk about here?

You might expect to learn it from your supervisor, but on-the-job training also fails due to lack of supervisors’ time, focus, and sometimes capability.

Meet Emre & Utku. We’ve have been exactly where you are.

Emre had to convince many professionals, ranging from C-level executives to in-store sales reps through compelling presentations during his management consulting career.


Utku has prepared many presentations for executives, data-driven reports for management boards, dashboards to analyze financial performance of companies.

Experience matters in business communication; creating a story, designing a presentation, presenting a data-driven message. We learned by doing, and now it’s time to share.

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Borrow our

We are eager to share our experience with you. We do not offer unstructured coaching or chitchat. We identified every necessary skill that is needed to be a best-in-class business communicator. We designed and delivered presentation design, data visualization, data storytelling, and business storytelling courses. Many professionals have learned from us. Our courses are battle-tested.

Now, we offer an end-to-end learning experience with collection of these courses plus additional course materials, workshops, case studies, and projects so that we ensure any participant will leave this bootcamp as a skilled business communicator.

What is it like?

This bootcamp is based on hybrid learning. We combine self-paced interactive e-learning with online live classes and working sessions.

There will be video-based courses, online live classes, real-life case examples, exercises, case studies, group projects, homework, and role plays. You will have a safe environment to learn and practice.


It is 8-week long and cohort based. Each cohort has maximum of 16 participants.


Week 1

Communication mindset: There are roadblocks to be a great business communicator. Know why you should change and how to change. Imagine the result you will get.

Week 2

Design principles: Every day we expose to great design in apps, websites, and products. What should we learn from them?

Week 3

Presentation design: Learn to create beautifully designed slides fast. There are many tips & tricks that you probably don’t know.

Week 4

Data visualization: Should data slides be always crowded and hard to digest? Design also applies to data. Learn the methodology to visualize data.

Week 5

Data storytelling: Data analysis should not be presented piece by piece. Craft a story with your data and convince your audience.

Week 6

Business storytelling: You know stories from your childhood but how about business stories? Learn how cinematic storytelling applies to business environment.

Week 7

Prepare your presentation: Connect the dots and level up your presentation design skills. Test yourself with a group project.

Week 8

Tell your story: The stage is yours to convince. Prove that you can leave the bootcamp with a business communicator badge.

Are you a
good fit?

This bootcamp is designed for any business professional that wants to communicate any type of work (e.g., business results, project outcomes, root-cause analysis, marketing plan, etc.) like a pro through creating impactful presentations and storytelling.


Does your work often require convincing people through presentations or reports?


Do you want to stand out as a great business communicator?


Can you commit at least 6 hours per week to sharpen your skills?

If yes, then…

You're registered to the waitlist

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