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Learn how to design awesome dashboards.

The aim of this training is to teach basic visualization and design principles to be applied in static and dynamic dashboards in Microsoft Excel, covering layout and coloring etc. together with the rules and techniques for the correct use of data sets before design phase.





Online live class

In-class exercises


1 day

Free Resources

For whom?

For students, fresh alumni and employees who want to bring their data to life with static, dynamic and interactive reports and who use Excel in their daily life. 

Most of the participant position of this course are as follows:

  • Data/Business analyst/manager

  • IT specialist/senior specialist/manager

  • Strategy specialist/senior specialist/manager

  • Finance specialist/senior specialist/manager

  • CX, UX or service design specialist/senior specialist/manager

  • Management reporting departments

What are the requirements?

Dashboard Design Course is designed for professionals who have access and basic knowledge on the use of Excel. Before joining the course make sure you have a stable internet connection and Excel installed on a PC or Mac. 

What you'll get with this course?

Dashboards are great way to visualize data. Both static and dynamic dashboards are easy to understand, quick to get insights from large datasets and forward your message in a simple way. Designing a dashboard requires to combine multiple skills such as UI design, data visualization and UX applications. In this course, participants learn how to easily get basics of those skills and apply them into their everday routines in Microsoft Excel. So, you'll learn:

  • Main principles and UX approach in dashboard design

  • How to create dynamic content in Excel

  • Creating layouts and fully working dashboard spreadsheets

at the end of this course. In addition, you'll be given free resources, templates and documents to be used in your dashboard design processes.

Course Content

Recap: Data Visualization

  • Data visualization and design

  • Main principles in dataviz

  • A case study: Data visualization

Dashboard design

  • Dashboard types

  • Exploratory vs. explanatory dashboards

  • Static vs. dynamic dashboards

Dashboard design methodology

  • Design based on use of purpose

  • How to choose visuals

  • Deciding on dashboard content

  • Designing in Excel

Dashboard design exercises

  • A static and explanatory dashboard design: Airlines Ltd. case study

  • Dynamic dashboard design: Videogames dataset case study

  • Professional dashboard design: Advanced techniques

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