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Make your data to deliver clear messages.

The aim of this training is to ensure that employees can tell a subject, a phenomenon or analysis through the data, and prepare presentations and reports with a story instead of sequential numerical data in the company.



Online live class

In-class exercises


1 day

Free Resources

For whom?

For students, fresh alumni and employees who are in any position and experience within the company and need development in data storytelling competencies. Most of the participant position of this course are as follows:

  • Data/Business analyst/manager

  • IT specialist/senior specialist/manager

  • Sales and marketing specialist/senior specialist/manager

  • Strategy specialist/senior specialist/manager

  • Finance specialist/senior specialist/manager

  • Management Trainee

  • CX, UX or service design specialist/senior specialist/manager

  • Project management specialist/senior specialist/manager

  • Management reporting departments

What are the requirements?

Data Storytelling Course is designed for professionals who have access and basic knowledge on the use of Excel and PowerPoint. Before joining the course make sure you have a stable internet connection and Excel and PowerPoint installed on a PC or Mac. In order to assess the basic required skills of participants and understand their current level of data storytelling, participants are sent a 1-slide data storytelling exercise before the course. This exercise does not take so much time of the participant and roughly takes up 30 minutes of prework. The optimum solution for the exercise is discussed during online course session.

What you'll get with this course?

All courses in Proludus are designed with a focus on the needs of the business world. In the data storytelling course, the focus is on how employees transform a large number of data into simple stories that can be easily understood by the other party, in a flow, by applying which filters. At the end of this course, the participants learn data storytelling techniques that progress in a planned flow from beginning to end and satisfy the audience both visually and expressively, instead of intricately placed graphics and tables that cannot explain themselves. So, you'll learn:

  • Basics of data storytelling

  • How to create a storyline with you data

  • How to make your data story effective to carry your message

at the end of this course. In addition, you'll be given free resources, templates and documents to be used in your daily workflow of data storytelling.

Course Content

Recap of basics in data and design

  • Interactive quiz on basics of presentation design and data visualization


Working with slide loops

  • What is slide loop?

  • Case study on a slide loop example

Data storytelling methodology

  • Steps for creating a data story

  • Analysis for different levels of data

Structure of data stories

  • Freytag Pyramid and story structures

  • Entry-progress-result

  • Answer-first and answer-last models

Data-focused slide types

  • Slide layouts from cinematic perspective

  • Tips for creating data-focused slides

Data-explaining slides

  • Use of action title for slides

  • Right amount of data for a slide

What People Say

Hüma Önal, Garanti BBVA

Proludus ekibinin veri hikayeleştirme eğitimi hem üniversite hem de mesleki hayatta herkesin çok işine yarayacak bir eğitim. Her alanda kullandığımız verileri daha anlaşılır ve sade bir şekilde karşı tarafa aktarmamızı öğretiyor. İnteraktif vaka çalışmaları sayesinde pratik yapma şansını da yakalıyorsunuz.

Halide Güven Sağcan, Eczacıbaşı

Bu eğitimi kurumum aracılığıyla aldım. İçerik ve akış gayet başarılıydı. Eğitmenlerin bilgiyi aktarışları ve soru-cevap metodolojileri faydalıydı. Teşekkürler.

Aslı Özyıldız, Öğrenci

İlk defa isminizi duydum ve bundan sonra muhakkak takip edeceğim. Aşırı güzel geçen bir eğitim oldu ve gerçekten her konuda aydınlanmış oldum. Emeği geçenlere sonsuz teşekkürler :)

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