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Make your data to deliver clear messages.

The aim of this training is to ensure that employees can tell a subject, a phenomenon or analysis through the data, and prepare presentations and reports with a story instead of sequential numerical data in the company.



Online live class

In-class exercises


1 day

Free Resources

For whom?

For employees who are in any position and experience within the company and need development in data storytelling competencies.

Course Content

Recap of basics in data and design

  • Interactive quiz on basics of presentation design and data visualization


Working with slide loops

  • What is slide loop?

  • Case study on a slide loop example

Data storytelling methodology

  • Steps for creating a data story

  • Analysis for different levels of data

Structure of data stories

  • Freytag Pyramid and story structures

  • Entry-progress-result

  • Answer-first and answer-last models

Data-focused slide types

  • Slide layouts from cinematic perspective

  • Tips for creating data-focused slides

Data-explaining slides

  • Use of action title for slides

  • Right amount of data for a slide