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Create excellent charts and tables.

The aim of this training is to increase mastery of data visualization and to explain how to create graphs and tables that communicate correctly, are understandable, and help decision-making.




Online live class

In-class exercises


1 day

Free Resources

For whom?

For employees who are in any position and experience within the company and need development in data visualization competencies.

Course Content

Intro to Data Visualization

  • Dataviz and design

  • Principles of dataviz

  • End-to-end data visualization case study


Scope Analysis

  • Analysis of auidence

  • Deciding on right message of data

Right visualization types

  • Using simple text as dataviz element

  • Table formatting

  • Choosing right chart for data


Clearing the clutter

  • Decluttering though data-to-ink ratio

  • Simplification of charts

Focus adjustment

  • Choosing right fonts

  • Using colors strategically

  • Coloring based on data

Making the data talk

  • Chart title vs. action title

  • Use of supporting dataviz elements