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Apply design thinking approach to your job.

Teams working with the Design Thinking approach gain skills such as active listening, effective questioning, empathy, clear definition of need, new thinking, prototyping and the courage to experiment.





In-class exercises


1 day

Free Resources

For whom?

Designed for employees in any position who want to think from different perspectives and generate innovative ideas that add value to their work.

What are the requirements?

This course requires a PC or Mac for online group activities. In an offline setting, pen and paper will be sufficient.

Course Content

Basics of Design Thinking

  • Creative self-esteem

  • Learning mindset

  • Self-sufficiency

Design Thinking Approach

  • Why design thinking works?

  • When to use Design Thinking

  • Main principles

  • 5 steps of design thinking

Problem Framing and Decision Making

  • Human-centered approach

  • Analytic thinking

  • Root-cause and insight analysis

  • Gemba walks

Design Thinking Synthesis

  • Emphaty maps

  • Affinity diagram

  • 2x2 idea map

  • Prototyping techniques

  • Innovative thinking

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