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Make your lecture material excellent.

The aim of this training is to teach advanced usage and design solutions of PowerPoint around the basic UI and UX principles, in order to enable the in-house training and internal trainer employees to prepare training materials suitable for digital environments.



Online live class

In-class exercises


2 days

Free Resources

For whom?

For those who are internal trainers and want to prepare the materials they use in training within the framework of the new generation digital design principles.

What are the requirements?

Presentation Design for Internal Trainers Course is designed for professionals who have access and basic knowledge on the use of PowerPoint. Before joining the course make sure you have a stable internet connection and PowerPoint installed on a PC or Mac. In order to assess the basic required skills of participants and understand their current level of slide design, participants are sent a 1-slide design exercise before the course. This exercise does not take so much time of the participant and roughly takes up 30 minutes of prework. The optimum solution for the exercise is discussed during online course session.

What you'll get with this course?

With the digitalization of learning, educational content is now becoming widespread on every platform. Videos, blogs, interactive content and social media appear in constantly renewed and updated formats. Among this wide range, old-fashioned, randomly placed and boring-looking content on PowerPoint pages loses its appeal. The design approach in digital products that we all have in our lives now needs to be used in training presentations used by internal trainers. Thanks to this course, trainers can prepare professional-looking digital presentations that are impressive, dynamic and engaging. You'll learn:

  • How to design your lecture material in the light of UI and UX principles

  • How to create engagement with your participants

  • How to make your course participants enchanted with professional looking slides


at the end of this course. In addition, you'll be given free resources, templates and documents to be used in your daily workflow of learning content design in PowerPoint. 

Course Content

Design in modern training presentations

  • Importance of UI and UX in presentation design

  • Creating engaging design and content

Speed up in PPT

  • Quick Access Toolbar and shortcuts

  • 'Merge Shapes' feature

  • Using slide master

Typography and Colors

  • Choosing the right font

  • Text and paragraph rules

  • Working with right color palettes


Visuals and Backgrounds

  • Right use of images, icons and illustrations

  • Choosing the right background


Kinetic design

  • Parallax effect with morph transitions

  • Prezi-effect with slide zoom

Advanced PPT techniques

  • Practicing on real-life examples


Feedback session

  • Design feedback on participants' current learning materials

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