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Learning Paths.

Learning paths combine specific business courses, workshops, and projects to master a set of relevant business skills from start to finish.


Business Communicator

An eight-week, bootcamp style learning path designed to help you communicate your message via well-crafted presentations and business reports at its best at work.


A six-week, bootcamp style learning path to help you acquire problem framing, structuring, prioritization, and hypothesis driven problem solving skills to make you competent and confident for any business challenge.

Data Analyst & Insight Generator

Reporting data is good but there is more in data. Learn how to unlock hidden insights by digging deeper in your data analysis.

Data Driven Decision Maker

Learn when and how to make business decisions backed up with data. Turn your organization into a data-driven culture.


Strategy without execution is useless; execution without strategy is aimless. Learn how to define and refine a strategy that is ready to be executed for success.

Change Manager

Change is inevitable; the challenge is how we adapt to its speed. Learn how to lead change at organizational and team level at work.

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