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Welcome to Proludus.

The business school of tomorrow.

A next generation
business school for professionals.

Corporate Trainings. Presentation Design, Data Analysis,
Data Visualization.

A better path to success at work.


We challenge the way we learn and teach fundamental business skills. We are on a mission to build the next generation business school that helps professionals succeed at work (and wake up happier every morning).

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Job-ready business skill transfer.

We provide a learning experience that leads to immediate behavior change.

Practical content for instant results

We do not teach theory. We extract the meaningful 20% of content that makes 80% of impact. We design a learning experience by imagining how underlying skill is applied at work. We teach tips & tricks, show real-life examples, and learners can practice with exercises and case studies.

Right curation for business professionals

We deconstruct a skill into meaningful sub-skills. We teach every sub-skill in the right order in the right time to maximize learning. We aim to be a one-stop-shop to acquire all in-demand fundamental business skills.

Facilitators with business background

Professionals should be taught by like-minded business professionals. Learners can learn best from a person that has been in their shoes before and applied that skill at work. We design and deliver our courses with business-minded facilitators that can empathize with learners.

Courses for presentation design, data analysis, data visualization and more.

Courses offered by Proludus in the fields of presentation design, data visualization, data storytelling and business storytelling aim to maximize the internal communication competencies of employees.

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