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Welcome to Proludus.

The business school of tomorrow.

A next generation
business school for professionals.

Corporate Trainings. Presentation Design, Data Analysis,
Data Visualization.

A better path to success at work.


We challenge the way we learn and teach fundamental business skills. We are on a mission to build the next generation business school that helps professionals succeed at work (and wake up happier every morning).

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Job-ready business skill transfer.

We provide a learning experience that leads to immediate behavior change.

Practical content for instant results

We do not teach theory. We extract the meaningful 20% of content that makes 80% of impact. We design a learning experience by imagining how underlying skill is applied at work. We teach tips & tricks, show real-life examples, and learners can practice with exercises and case studies.

Right curation for business professionals

We deconstruct a skill into meaningful sub-skills. We teach every sub-skill in the right order in the right time to maximize learning. We aim to be a one-stop-shop to acquire all in-demand fundamental business skills.

Facilitators with business background

Professionals should be taught by like-minded business professionals. Learners can learn best from a person that has been in their shoes before and applied that skill at work. We design and deliver our courses with business-minded facilitators that can empathize with learners.

Courses for presentation design, data analysis, data visualization and more.

Courses offered by Proludus in the fields of presentation design, data visualization, data storytelling and business storytelling aim to maximize the internal communication competencies of employees.


Presentation focused courses


Presentation Design

Online Live

Presentation Design.png

Prepare professional presentations and reports with Presentation Design course.

You know the stereotypical courses about presentations, it's usually called 'effective presentation techniques' and it tells the participants how to speak in front of an audience. However, instead of presentations addressed to a large crowd in an employee's daily work flow, decision-oriented meetings and reporting take up much more space. From this point of view, Proludus focuses on how to design presentations and reports in daily business life instead of speaking in front of the public. It treats each presentation or report as a digital product and conveys the correct design rules to the participants in a practical way, focusing on UI and UX principles.


E-learning Presentation Design


Presentation design course at your own pace. Anytime, anywhere.

First online e-learning course brought you by Proludus. The ones who want to upgrade presentation design skills at their own pace without following a live class choose E-learning Presentation Design course. Learn how to design a compelling deck with 40 different video content over 4-hours-long, test yourself with in-course 15+ quizzes and exercises. The course offers various types of basic and advanced techniques to reflect what you learn to your daily job routine. Free visual resources are also available to ease your presentation design process.

Elearning Presentation Design.png

Data Visualization

Online Live

Reveal your difference in business life with our Data Visualization course.

Along with sub-branches such as data management, data mining, data analysis of data science, which is today's popular field, data visualization has also taken its place among important competencies in the business world. Data collection is now indispensable for companies and data is definitely included in the presentations and reports. It is extremely important to use the right data analysis methods in a large number of data, to report properly with business intelligence programs and to present them to the audience with a correct data visualization method. Pages of cluttered Excel charts and bad designed slides prevent the audience at work from understanding the analysis comfortably. Data visualization course focuses on clear and plain visualization techniques that convey the message in the data.

Data Visualization.png

Data Storytelling

Online Live

Data Storytelling.png

Learn effective techniques in Data Storytelling course.

All courses in Proludus are designed with a focus on the needs of the business world. In the data storytelling course, the focus is on how employees transform a large number of data into simple stories that can be easily understood by the other party, in a flow, by applying which filters. At the end of this course, the participants learn data storytelling techniques that progress in a planned flow from beginning to end and satisfy the audience both visually and expressively, instead of intricately placed graphics and tables that cannot explain themselves.


Business Storytelling

Online Live

Apply the storytelling approach to your business presentations.

The Business Storytelling course specifically targets junior and senior managers. It is designed for managers who do not directly prepare the presentation or the report themselves, but who want their teams to produce presentations or reports that are designed correctly and assist their decision-making processes, deals with the end-to-end presentation preparation process. Employees who complete this course will be able to apply and understand the presentation and report preparation process suitable for different situations in terms of the types of analysis made in business life, and they ensure the creation of products that both quickly and easily capture the auidence.

Business Storytelling EN.png

Presentation Design - Internal Trainers

Online Live

Internal Trainers Presentation Design.png

A special curation: Presentation Design for Internal Trainers.

With the digitalization of learning, educational content is now becoming widespread on every platform. Videos, blogs, interactive content and social media appear in constantly renewed and updated formats. Among this wide range, old-fashioned, randomly placed and boring-looking content on PowerPoint pages loses its appeal. The design approach in digital products that we all have in our lives now needs to be used in training presentations used by internal trainers. Thanks to this course, trainers can prepare professional-looking digital presentations that are impressive, dynamic and engaging.

Courses for
data roles


Dashboard Design with Excel

Online Live

Dashboard Design.png

Learn how to design awesome dashboards in Excel.

Dashboards are great way to visualize data. Both static and dynamic dashboards are easy to understand, quick to get insights from large datasets and forward your message in a simple way. Designing a dashboard requires to combine multiple skills such as UI design, data visualization and UX applications. In this course, participants learn how to easily get basics of those skills and apply them into their everday routines in Microsoft Excel


Data Analysis

Online/Offline Live

You have tons of data.
But do you know
how to utilize?

Thanks to digital transformation, companies are very good at collecting data from various sources. But they face with a challenge about how to use this data. Before getting jump into data driven decision making, companies should develop a skill to analyze current data to get business insights. Here, with the data analysis training, employees and teams learn how to effectively analyze to get insight from raw data waiting them in their databases. 


Power BI Data Visualization

Online/Offline Live

Learn how to create perfect dashboards on Microsoft Power BI.

Microsoft's data visualization tool, Power BI, is getting popular. To do not the miss this opportunity, teams are integrating Power BI dashboards into their everyday reporting processes. This course focuses on how to create effective dynamic dashboards on Power BI through the lens of design and data visualization principles.


Power BI Data Modeling

Online/Offline Live

Develop your data modeling skills on Power BI.

In this training, which includes the necessary practices for analyzing and modeling with a data set using Power BI, the participants learn technically, conceptually and practically how to combine different data sets in Power BI and create a data model ready for visualization.

Team-focused courses


Design Thinking

Online/Offline Live

Implement design thinking in your team and company. 

Teams working with the 'Design Thinking' approach gain skills such as active listening, effective questioning, empathy, clear definition of need, new thinking, prototyping and the courage to experiment.


Being a Team

Online/Offline Live

Step up your organization with better teams.

In this course, team members transform into a team that embraces their common values, is aware of their strengths and needs to be developed, and contributes to develop with confidence and courage. Leaders can achieve high performance together with their teams and team coaching practices with the mindset included in this training.


Proludus Team.

Emre Kara


His areas of expertise include strategy, problem solving, business storytelling, data visualization, and data storytelling.  Worked as a management consultant at Bain & Company and finance professional at Unilever.  Graduated from Bilkent University with BS and MS degrees in Industrial Engineering. Studied business and economics in Aarhus Business School.


Utku Karagülle

Managing Partner

​His areas of expertise include VBA coding, UI/UX concepts, data visualization, and presentation design. Mainly interested in creating visually appealing presentations, slidedocs, keynotes, reports, and dashboards.  Worked as an inspector at Türkiye İş Bankası, assistant manager at HSBC, and team leader at JCR Eurasia Rating.  Graduated from Bilkent University with BS degree in Management. Studied economics in Vienna Business School.


Deniz Yıldız

LX Manager

Her areas of expertise include data analysis, data visualization, financial analysis, senior management reporting and presentation design.  Worked as an analyst at CRIF Türkiye and JCR Eurasia Türkiye.  Graduated from İstanbul Ticaret University with BS and MS degrees in Banking and Finance. Studied business and economics in International University of Sarajevo.


Some of our
happy clients.


Don’t just take our word for it.


Funda Öge

Türk Telekom

Corporate Communications Director

Proludus team has a professional approach to corporate processes. They understand our needs quickly and are very sensitive to deadlines. In our collaboration, we see them as proactive, fast, and creative. In every project, they’ve managed to fulfill our expectations.


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