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Learn how to create data models in Power BI.

This course teaches how to use Power BI to create dynamic data models and concatenating different datasets.






In-class exercises


1 day

Free Resources

For whom?

It is designed for those who want to create data models in Power BI.

  • Data/Business analyst/manager

  • IT specialist/senior specialist/manager

  • Strategy specialist/senior specialist/manager

  • Finance specialist/senior specialist/manager

  • CX, UX or service design specialist/senior specialist/manager

  • Management reporting departments

What are the requirements?

This course is designed for professionals who have access and basic knowledge on the use of Power BI. Before joining the course make sure you have a stable internet connection and Power BI installed on a PC.

Course Content


  • Data modeling softwares

  • Setup and language settings

Data Loading and Editing

  • Getting data

  • Editing data types

  • Editing date, location and hierarchy

  • Deleting blank rows

  • Adding and deleting columns

  • Changing values

  • Adding data rows

  • Adding data columns

  • Adding calculation fields

Data Modeling

  • Pivot and unpivot

  • Main data and calculation data

  • Creating fact and dim tables

  • Creating Star Schema

  • Restructuring the model

  • Adding new data source

  • Loading new data

  • Deleting data

  • Test and editing

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